Black Shadows

The biggest non-syndicate sreet gang in the undercity. Their territory buts up on some of the smaller gangs like the Problem Children and the Mad Martians, who have allied against them to try to expand their spheres of influence. The Black Shadows are primarily focused on extortion and kidnapping, although they do a fair share of everything else that a gang could think up: hits, protection, drug dealing, gambling, etc. The BS’ leader, Long Pig, generates a lot or rumors, although he seems to live mostly in mystery (as well as luxury-extortion and kidnapping are good moneymakers).

Long Pig was recently injured in an explosion at his mansion in the undercity, one of the latest is a series of setbacks for the BS’, who have been losing ground to the combined assault of the PC’s and MM’s. LP is rumored to have hired notorious and shadowy hitman Halfman to clear out some of the opposition, which began by setting up a hospital ambush for the leaders of the opposing gangs. Only time will tell if this is the beginning of the end for the BS, or if they will regain their previous “glory”.

They have largely been dismantled, and completely decapitated, by repeated raids by the Mad Martians, the Problem Children, and various shadowrunners. These two gangs have consumed their territory, and absorbed most of the street level members that survived, although some hardliners may have gone to ground somewhere.

Members & Affiliates
Long Pig

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Black Shadows

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