Aleph Society

Major base in Chicago, in the CZ. Also a presence in Seattle. Claim to be able to heal burnouts, using powers gained from the mysterious Book of Gaf and the recently acquired Book of Tak. There is rumored to be a third volume that they seek. The Books of Gaf and Tak, supposedly an artifact from Atlantis, is made of beaten sheets of orichalcum. Possibly a Theran artifact, given the use of blood magic by those who possess the book.

They are foes of the Society of the Phoenix Arisen, having competing views of the blending of magic and tech. Their Chicago base was recently attacked by SPA.

Currently lead by Sierra LaGuardia, an ex-runner with a serious cyber addiction, who was brought into the Society by its founder, Dr. Nickson. She stuck by him when the Society seemingly lost its power, and its popularity, in the 2060’s. She then turned on him, sacrificing him and most of the other remaining initiates in a massive blood ritual to return the free shadow spirit Gaf’s power. This allowed her to begin rebuilding the Society and recruiting new members, continuing the blood pact Nickson entered into when he deciphered the Book of Gaf in ’56.

LaGuardia began secretly funding arcanoarchaeological digs during the artifact rush, and managed to discover the Book of Tak in the PCC. Making another spirit pact with the more brutal Tak, she has further expanded the Society, although they take a less inclusive, political stance and push a more rabidly pro-Awakened agenda. They also engage, very quietly, in many sacrifice rituals (with both willing and unwilling participants) to keep the spirits powerful. She seeks the 3rd Book, though what it will contain is unknown. The current blood pacts seem to give chosen initiates both regenerative properties and the immunity to normal weapons that only spirits usually possess.

The ASPS is worried about the effect Aleph are having on Chicago’s astral space, and have taken steps to mediate their influence and power. The team just discovered that Gaf and Tak are both powerful spirits from the shadow plane, who each lord over one of that plane’s moons. The third lord’s book is yet to be revealed, however. The Brassface Man also comes from this plane, though his connection to the Aleph Society (if any) remains unknown.

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Aleph Society

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