Aemon's Kids

Aemon Burst started this group to give a little back, and also because he is addicted to spending money. Initially funding additional education for some ork children who survived a metaracist firebombing in the Ork Underground, this charity has since grown in size and scope, tough it remains focussed on the youth.

Aemon is (perhaps luckily) not directly involved often, and when he does show up tends to focus on shooting lessons, hunting tips, and combat tactics, leaving the more studious aspects of the student’s education to those he pays.

A number of “Aemon’s Kids” recently began a work-training program at a pawn shop, Pasta Pawn, on the 4th level of the shopping mall in the ACHE. The business is primarily a front for smuggling goods upstairs. Although this goes against Aemon’s inclination to steer the kids away from “the life”, they’e taken a shine to it thus far.

The newest additions are Ortega’s Lil Buddies, a program funded by the late Ortega’s will to provide tough companions to children too scared or at-risk to travel alone, and a Children of the Dragon chapel run by the street preacher Marcus Fireborn.

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Aemon's Kids

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