The Arcology Communal Housing Enclave, formerly the SCIRE (Self-Contained Industrial Residential Environment)), better known as the Renraku Arcology. Most famous for the events of 2059-2061, when a malevolent, highly evolved AI named Deus took control of the entire structure, trapping around 100,000 Seattle and Renraku citizens inside. Although the final numbers were never made public, and the government and Renraku concealed a lot, only about 1600 people are believed to have officially made it out alive.

Some others escaped with the help of the Resistance, an anti-Deus group with ties in the Ork Underground. One of the leaders was a woman named Perri, who convinced a number of runners to get involved, for altruism, profit, or both. Many survivors are severely damaged individuals, given the horrors that they witnessed and experienced. There are also a surprisingly high number of technomancers among these “secret”; survivors, which has given support to conspiracy theories that Deus figured out some way to make technos, or to unlock their innate talents.

It is the 9th largest building in the world, and recently reopened as a housing center for the poor and unwanted, as well as a huge indoor mall. There are 3 stories below ground controlled by the UCAS military containing the reactors and physical plant, then another 7 stories of underground parking, then a 6 story mall (4 open stories with a central atrium overlooking a ground floor park, and a 6th story with bars, clubs, and admin offices) containing 800-900 stores, depending on the month. Then housing up the floor 200, and above that, up to the highest floor (320), UCAS military control again, where they are still clearing levels from the days of the shutdown. They are going slowly and trying to take great care that nothing gets out, or escapes their notice.

Rumors of various horrors contained in the upper levels still leak out, and occasionally some skilled runners will make it in for a data steal on old wired Renraku servers, but it is mostly brushed off as scandalous trid speculation. However, there have been a long running series of popular sims and trids based there, and it is an endless source of speculation and morbid pondering amongst Seattle residents, although the mall has proved very popular and successful.

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