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  • Agatha Hawthorne

    A retired runner in her 30's, who got mostly out of the life, though she still maintains some old contacts and friendships. She used her "last big score" to buy a bar and restaurant called *The Rose and Thistle,* which has a rep as having the best fish and …

  • Aseela

    A powerful witch in *Salem,* she also deals with outsiders more than many in the community, and is a good resource for runners working the *QZ.* She is one of [[:damon | Damon's]] supporters locally.

  • Sanquals Love

    Skilled combat mage, grizzled old man. Pro-[[:damon | Damon]], but thinks the politics of it all is stupid, as Damon wasn't really pushing anything on the Wiccans directly. Not a huge fan of the preachier pro-D groups, such as [[Children of the Dragon | …

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