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  • Doc Todd

    When I landed on Mars, I knew how to do two things: Rig a cab, and spot a healthy kidney. The Prometheus cab company got me set up with a cab job, and One Shot Wade got me set up with a connoisseur of the wetter side of martian civilian life, Doc Todd. …

  • Hannibelle

    Ex-[[Tamanous | Tamanous]], secretive. Has *Asamando* connections, but likely doesn't reside there. Researching recent mana swells and the resulting changes to HMHVV-infected individuals. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Reinhard Murtas

    A crematorium technician in the West End *Overplex.* He also sanitizes medical equipment. More than willing to turn a blind eye to what goes into the incinerator, so long as the cops aren't hot on your trail. Likely [[Tamanous | Tamanous]] connections.

  • Groovetooth

    A diminutive dwarven decker, who tries to stay out from underfoot on runs. Rumored to have [[Tamanous | Tamanous]] connections, though those days may be in her past.

  • Capstone

    One of *Lagos'* best trackers, his stim addiciton and general willingness to abandon jobs half-done when he gets bored have prevented him from moving up too far from the streets. He works almost solely for [[Tamanous | Tamanous]], and is dangerously fast …

  • The Brassface Man

    Little is known about this figure, aside from his association with [[Tamanous | Tamanous]], and their magical order [[Circumspece | Circumspece]]. It is possible he feeds on the sacrifices they offer and powers some of their magical ability, in the guise …

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