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  • Wally The Knife

    A somewhat dour elf who harvests and moves talismans/fetishes/reagents/etc across the AGS, with the help of migratory populations of Sinti people.

  • Acostado Comer Bosque

    German troll, betrayed [[:aemon | Aemon's]] parents to their death, on behalf of [[Ordo Maximus | Ordo Maximus]] after Aemon's parents discovered OM and [[NeoNET | Trans-Latvians]] connections to the foundation of [[Fear the Dark | Fear the Dark]]. In …

  • Aljernon

    Shops in Seattle and Berlin, as well as other places. Possibly not entirely of this world, especially given his strange taste in employees...

  • Lothan The Wise

    He moved to Chicago a couple years ago and opened up a talismonger shop called The Wisest Troll, after a long career in the Seattle shadows. Mentor/teammate to [[:kellan-colt | Kellan Colt]] before he landed in Chicago. Occasional [[Jackpoint | …

  • Severinus De Cloet

    Runs a talismongering service out of a small food cart-style truck. She moves around a lot to avoid fines and hit up different markets. She mostly sticks to the barrens, and has protection deals with the various gangs whose turf she peddles on.

  • Thadius Mortician

    A *Salish* ork, selling potions, portents, potables, and reagents primarily at his stall in the *Underground.* He was recently forced to move into the deeper tunnels due to the passage of *Prop 23*, as the [[Skraacha | Skraacha]] can't turn quite as much …

  • Lisa Suarez

    A freelance artifact hunter, who has been lately working on behalf of the [[Atlantean Foundation | Atlantean Foundation]] in Eastern Ukraine. Suarez seems to have an uncanny knack for locating ancient artifacts at otherwise unremarkable dig sites. …

  • Madame Iboju

    A minimally-SURGEd changeling who runs a brothel and bar called the *Seven Fingered Hand,* (after her own polydactyl right hand) in the changeling district of *Ilasa Maja* in *Lagos.* The changelings of the city gathered there for safety against …

  • Abiodun

    Leader of the [[Laiya | Laiya]] hunter and talismonger syndicated in *Lagos.* Usually accompanied by at least one grizzled veteran hunter/guard and one Olorisha, to offer the needed divinations.

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