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  • Codigo 525

    Taking their name from old Brazilian government paramilitary death squads, this *Amazonian* group is involved in drug running, BAD creation, extortion and racketeering. The inner circle is all-Awakened, though all members must work their way up through the …

  • Open Sourcerers

    Copywrong gang based in *Metropole,* they operate out of bunkers made of crushed cars hidden beneath the huge midden heaps of the dumps in Rio and Sao Paulo. They dress as recicladoras, and recruit runners and lookouts from the populations of downtrodden …

  • The Tribunal

    The mysterious rulers of all favela-based crime in *Metropole.* Very little is publicly known. Back to [[street gangs | street gangs]]

  • Numbers Gang

    Extortionists, killers & thieves, running blackmail, protection rackets and the like from the sewers and port of *Cape Town.* They also have a major presence in *Azania's* prisons, where the gang originated in the early 1900's. They are heavy into the …

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