• Webfoot

    A West End *Overplex* ganger who oversees protection and prostitution rackets. Named for her distinctive amphibian feet, she also sports mood hair and feline eyes.. Her gang is called the [[Shadowtown Shambles]].

  • Marretta Barretta

    She is a professional bus driver, the job she had before the CZ walls went up, and before her disastrous SURGE. She kept ferrying people around the CZ in an armored bus where she could, and made contacts with the SURGE community of *Freaktown.* Already …

  • Madame Iboju

    A minimally-SURGEd changeling who runs a brothel and bar called the *Seven Fingered Hand,* (after her own polydactyl right hand) in the changeling district of *Ilasa Maja* in *Lagos.* The changelings of the city gathered there for safety against …

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