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  • Karen Cortez

    [[:aprilo | April's]] media producer and boss. Mid-40's Latina. Hard willed and tough, but tries for objectivity. Hired team to eliminate Sebastien, a former model who was leading his lover, popular [[Hermes Entertainment | Hermes News]] simstar [[:yvonne …

  • Janelle Haversly

    Having scored an exclusive scoop with [[:ultraboy | UltraBoy!]] just before his capture on *Mars,* Haversly got noticed by [[Horizon | Horizon's]] Consensus, and was able to swap to a British beat during the nanopocalype, abandoning her smaller-time gig at …

  • Suzuki Jones

    A seriously enthusiastic ex-journalism student at University of Hamburg. Working on a major piece about runners in the AGS. Late teens elf woman, well-travelled from her parents' time in the Peace Corps growing up. Has been freelancing for a variety of …

  • Ramona Cubbins

    [[All-Seeing Eye]] editor. Huge store of knowledge on conspiracies, with a British Isles focus. Has seen a spike in views/sales recently due to [[:chessick-allens-whitehill | Chessick Allens-Whitehill]] "correspondent abroad" series.

  • Chessick Allens-Whitehill

    Oh, aye. Im with those Allens-Whitehills. The fuckin funny thing about that what nobody knows is we used to be the Weisshalls. Yeah, we was a group of shitty Bavarian pilsner-brewing expats who bought and boffed our way into the British aristocracy when …

  • Argyle Pendergast

    Inherited much of his wealth, but insisted on working his way up the ranks. Background in warzone and investigative reporting. Sees himself as a bit of a gentleman adventurer.

  • Allison Sanborn

    A [[Horizon | Horizon]] "Frontlines" reporter who got herself smuggled into the QZ, looking to make her name. May have gotten in over her head but is relying on dark humor and a flirtatious demeanor to help her make the best of it. Has some excellent …

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