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  • Eugenia Fertig

    A "no questions asked" street doc who makes most of her income traveling the low-end pitfighting circuit in the PCC. Many fighters swear by her services, and are happy to see her distinctive old school hearse-style ambulance on fight premises.

  • Pulsar

    An AI and activist who has been a leading voice for AI rights and citizenship globally. Associated with [[Horizon | Horizon]]. Often helps bring other sentient AI's "in from the cold." Possible connections to the [[Monads | Monads]].

  • Charlie Foxtrot & Moondog

    Foxtrot is an accident-prone, yet somehow providentially lucky [[Bounty Hunters | bounty hunter.]] She has a special gift for damaging tech in unpredictable ways. She made her start in bail bonds in *Detroit* before teaming up with Moondog, a wolf shifter …

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