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  • Malice

    He was captured by the UCAS while on a covert mission for the *Sioux Nation*, and sent to do some hard time on [[Deimos]]. Feeling left out to dry as a deniable asset, Malice began re-examining his priorities and beliefs, and ended up allying with the * …

  • Samson

    An eco-shaman with long dreads, Samson was largely in charge of the hosptial on [[Deimos]]. She was sent to Deimos for her role in some anti-corp actions in the Seattle area after the crash of '64. She is a fan of 20th century sci-fi books. Recently …

  • Serge "Castiron" Merkel

    Castiron was born Serge Merkel to an addict mother in East Berlin on March 17th, 2046. His mother was dead by his 7th birthday and he was adopted by a gang of barely competent anarchists. This first crew, whom he ran with into his teens, were a bunch of …

  • Frederick "Jackalboy" Meyers

    Old friend of [[:serge-castiron-merkel | Serge "Castiron" Merkel]], they came up together, but he stayed in Berlin to fight the corps when CI bailed. Rebuilding [[Black Star | Black Star]] in the AGS after their crushing defeat in *Bogota.*

  • Muscowequan Soler

    Soler is an environmental activist based around New Orleans, with criminal connections for when she needs to get some demolitions work done or hide out in the swamp. She has some medical training and has connections with the *Anarchist Black Cross.*

  • Chainmaker

    New JP member, strongly opinionated. She is one of the most outspoken leftist board members following *Aufheben's* death. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Gamze Seidel

    An Ethiopian dwarf who runs systems security for the Anarchist-controlled *Midway Airport* in the CZ. Works closely with [[:vinko-novacek | Vinko Novacek]]. She and [[:chessick-allens-whitehill | Chessick Allens-Whitehill]] hit it off, despite their vastly …

  • Vinko Novacek

    The physical security committee head at *Midway Airport* in Chicago. Reputed ties to [[Black Star | Black Star]]. Balkan ork. Works closely with [[:gamze-seidel | Gamze Seidel]].

  • Rayen

    Leader of the *Chicago* [[Painted Horse Lodge | Painted Horse Lodge]]. Skilled Owl shaman. Willing to tolerate some looseness as to practitioners of darker magics, so long as their motivations are sound (aka anti-corp).

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