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  • Valeria

    She is a ravishingly beautiful dark-haired elf woman. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, and several other languages fluently. Currently operating in and around New York.

    Member of the

    Eddie Stevens

    A skilled and secretive forger with connections to the people who put on the Night Market. Good at getting permissions, permits, ID’s, and passes as needed for runners trying to work in NYC.

  • Sully

    An ork cabbie who seems to know everyone worth knowing in NYC, as well as all the places to be (or not to be). He often acts an introductory fixer for out of town runners new to the scene, but tries not to take …

  • Testinchen

    An honor-bound street sam, wired to the gills, who won’t work with the same team twice, and has no problem leaving a team high and dry if they don’t leave up to his moral code. He’ll sometimes work with an individual from a team again …

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