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  • Honore y Sangre

    Meaning "Honor and Blood", this *Amazonian* syndicate lives up to its name. They control a large sector of the [[undercity]] with an iron fist, and are involved primarily in drug trafficking. They are opposed to, but not actively at war with, the other …

  • Codigo 525

    Taking their name from old Brazilian government paramilitary death squads, this *Amazonian* group is involved in drug running, BAD creation, extortion and racketeering. The inner circle is all-Awakened, though all members must work their way up through the …

  • Quantumists

    The Quantumistas, as they are called locally, are a decker and cracker gang based somewhere in the *Metropole* sprawl. They claim to be able to crack any encryption due to their access to quantum tech, which has lead to them being targeted by a variety of …

  • Open Sourcerers

    Copywrong gang based in *Metropole,* they operate out of bunkers made of crushed cars hidden beneath the huge midden heaps of the dumps in Rio and Sao Paulo. They dress as recicladoras, and recruit runners and lookouts from the populations of downtrodden …

  • The Tribunal

    The mysterious rulers of all favela-based crime in *Metropole.* Very little is publicly known. Back to [[street gangs | street gangs]]

  • Kristine Martin

    A former biotech specialist at [[Universal Omnitech | Universal Omnitech]], she is currently on the run after being extracted from her prison/lab there. She was being held at her ex-husband, [[:thomas-roxborough | Thomas Roxborough's]] request, and forced …

  • Dr. Gunter Von Bach

    Using his skills as a neuro-scientist and psychiatrist, he created a huge pool of sleeper assassins from patients at his BTL-addiciton treatment clinics in the *AGS.* He is on the run from various authorities, including *Interpol,* who dubbed him *the …

  • Cao

    A goblin (HMHVV-infected) rigger, she is based in *Metropole* but willing to travel for work. Her short temper and secretive nature mean she doesn't have a lot of close friends, but she has the skills to pay the bills.

  • Arturo Gilberto

    A fixer who specializes in tech and R&D jobs and intel. Has deep connections throughout Sao Paulo, though he seems to rarely leave his favorite table in the *Tanqua Lounge.*

  • Bartolomeu Fujimoto

    [[Open Sourcerers | Open Sourcerers]] member in the *Rio-side* dump. Runs a gang of cybered-up children as protection and whatnot in the dump. Obsessed with chipping, always wears a necklace of chips to plug and play as needed.

  • Jaoa

    A favelado living near the *Christ the Redeemer* statue, he offers overpriced (but safeish) tours/escorts through the favela. Obsessed with malandragem: the art of the malandro, the "bad man".

  • Holy Grail

    A laconic AI cracking files on behalf of the [[Quantumists | Quantumists]]. Represents itself in VR (and via projection from a slaved holodrone) as a spinning cartoon grail image.

  • Pedrinho

    A young dragon who strives to keep the peace between *Metropole* and the national government in *Manaus.* He often hires runners for high-risk, high-reward jobs, and provides decent backline support where possible. He mostly operates out of a seaside …

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