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  • Tamany Clark

    Mid 20's human with a lot of prison tattoos. Apparently did six years on [[Deimos]] for boosting cars in the upper city, and learned a lot in a trade program there. Luckily he was only 12 when he got caught, so he didn't get it as bad as he might have. …

  • Edmund "Ralf" Rafelnzo

    [[:sem-par-aka | Sem-par]]'s good buddy, he helps SP fly around to whatever destinations they wish. He's a mechanic crew chief who's been around long enough to have solid connections.

  • Zeke

    A skilled mechanic who's been around for a while. Moves around a lot, largely due to boredom. Lately in Seattle. He has a somewhat paternal fondness for [[:sem-par-aka | Sem-par]], and tunes up their gear as needed.

  • Horogront

    A CZ fixer who runs an ambo service and mechanic shop. He employs [[:carol-hindrance | Carol Hindrance]] in both sides of the business. Ex-[[Doc Wagon]], supposedly lost his medical license due to malpractice. Makes a sideline selling "extra bits" to …

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