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  • Antoine Acuba

    Ex-Weyland-Yutani friend of [[:remus | Remus']]. Left to work for [[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | Mitsuhama]], still doing corp sec. He likes the steady pay, and generally low pressure lifestyle. Seems somewhat haunted by the past, and just wants to …

  • Georgiy Abolev

    Uses treachery, bribes, paracritters, magic, good old-fashined violence, or anything else to achieve his (and his masters') goals. Active in hunting artifacts around the globe. With [[Apep Consortium | Apep Consortium's]] new backers at [[Mitsuhama …

  • Toshiro Mitsuhama

    Lead [[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | Mitsuhama Computer Technologies]] to its current place at the top of the AAA pack. [[:lofwyr | Lofwyr]] is not a fan...

  • Giovanni Pentti

    A "Mr. Johnson" with [[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | MCT]] connections, he has hired [[:shri-moreau | Shri Moreau]] for a few jobs now, and thinks of her as reliable, for a certain type of work.

  • Ethernaut

    Ex-[[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | Mitsuhama]]. Specialized at recon and tracking, very rational. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Rigger X

    Ex-[[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | MCT]]. Skilled in electronic spycraft, and crushing the opposition. Has a rep for brutality/overkill, having internalized the *Zero Zone* policy from a young age. Was recently outed for collecting and selling …

  • Tess Van Hama

    Rumored to be an illicit heir to [[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | Mitsuhama Computer Technologies]]. Hires for MCT and [[Yakuza]] jobs. Beef with [[Shiawase Corporation | Shiawase]] for hiring the team that killed her mother. Currently walking a lot of …

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