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  • Captain Miia

    Miia is the Captain and main pilot of the *Aman-Iki*, one of the 2 scouting airships of the great mobile trade-city, *Karavan*. Her and [[:lodestone | Lodestone]] were romantically involved, LS being her 3rd husband. She took a liking to the team after …

  • Nelson Rosslee

    Nelson is an elderly *Azanian* human male in his 50's. He hails from the same village as [[:thankyou | Thankyou]], and was able to help TY reclaim some long-lost childhood memories.

  • Sergei Vipin

    A cantankerous male ork in his early 30's. Vipin is an established *Karavan* smuggler, with small offices and some staff in a number of cities with good access to the roving city's usual routes. These cities include *Hong Kong, Mumbai, Istanbul, Dubai, and …

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