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  • Baka Dabora

    Knows a lot about Japanacorps and Imperial Japan. His name translates as "tall tale of idiots." [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Kia

    East Asian Johnson. Name means "Rising From Asia." Mostly deals with extractions, either hiring teams himself or passing work on to others. Many corp connections. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Mihoshi Oni

    Attractive, has [[Yakuza]] ties. Born in Hawaii, worked in *Tir na nOg* and *Japan*. Knows *Japanacorps* and *Russia* as well. Not the first runner to use her name. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Aomame 2-Chrome

    Born poor in Japan, orphaned at a young age she fell in with the criminal element, but had the charisma and manipulation skills to stay a step or two ahead of the people she was working for, and keep herself relatively independent. Around this time, in …

  • Katsuo Shichirou Tanaka

    VP of sales for [[Monobe International | Monobe International]]. Enemy of [[:aomame-2-chrome | Aomame 2-Chrome]], after she ripped him off of a bunch of money while working as an escort.

  • Mikasa Heihachiro

    Pirate with a large bounty, Queen of [[Libertalia | Libertalia]]. Likely currently on *Madagascar.* Ripped off a large load of orichalcum from [[Wuxing Inc | Wuxing Inc]] during the 60's rush and has been on the run since.

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