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  • Frosty Jane

    The team at first thought Jane was a human, but she was later revealed to be an elf. She seems a little kinder-hearted than their usual acquantainces and employers, but also seems to have been around long enough to understand the team's talents and uses. …

  • Netcat

    A young elf woman and powerful technomancer, she is one of the biggest advocates for techno rights and fair treatment on JP. Strange almost alien outlook, relates better to computers than people. Has a kid with [[:slamm-o | Slamm-O!]]. Has an ongoing feud …

  • Puck

    A much-maligned young human male technomancer, Puck came to 'prominence' due to the part he played in the Seattle [[Renraku Computer Systems | Renraku]] *Arcology Shutdown*, and in helping to cause the 2nd matrix crash. However, many argue that he was used …

  • Sem-par

    Sem-par's name is short for semi-colon / parenthesis, aka the symbol ;), the emoticon for a winking face. This is the symbol that Sem-par displays most often on their holohood when they choose not to be fully blended into the background with their …

  • SEATac Sweetie

    A popular blogger and joygirl operating out of Seattle. She posts on [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]], having a lot of interesting inside tidbits on various wealthy and prominent individuals. [[:thankyou | Thankyou]] has been gradually making friends with her …

  • Ortega

    _Accessing: mesh.local.paenitentiaria.va_ _connecting..._ _connecting..._ _connecting..._ Success! Welcome to ConfessAnon, the only officially-sanctioned confession site in the Matrix. Please log in to connect with a priest to give your …

  • Ro Tain

    **ANSWERS FROM SHADOWRUN QUIZ IN RUNNERS COMPANION** *We are shaped by our heritage. Facial features, skin tone, height, build, metatype, even aptitudes are influenced by the genes passed from parent to child. Attitude, too, is taught by parents, …

  • Aemon Burst

    *Where does your character come from, what is his lineage, who were his parents, and what did he inherit from them?* Aemon Burst is a Sinti of Central Europe, specifically Germany. His clan group is one of a handful of Sinti people who still make their …

  • Bull MacCallister

    Legendary decker. Longtime runner getting into fixing. Survived Bug City, and everything the world's thrown at him since. His daughter was murdered working on legalizing the *Ork Underground,* and he took up her cause as his own. His son [[:tauren | Tauren …

  • Matt Wrath

    His best friend is a devil rat named Matt Rat who he rescued from being a ghouls lunch, and the devil rat serves as his companion and mascot. He always speaks in the third person, referring to himself by his full name Matt Wrath. He is blunt, to the …

  • Baka Dabora

    Knows a lot about Japanacorps and Imperial Japan. His name translates as "tall tale of idiots." [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Man of Many Names

    Been running since the 2040's. Powerful spellcaster with snow white hair. Probably Amerind. Knows magic, spirits, and mystic secrets. Often speaks cryptically. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Riser

    Ex-Seattle street ganger, leader of [[The Smoker's Club | The Smoker's Club]], an assassin's team. Knows a lot about street gangs. Infected with a mysterious illness ([[CFD |CFD]]) on the same run as *Fastjack,* he has possibly been targeting some JP …

  • 2XL

    International smuggler, well-versed in the world's shadows. Nominally based in Lisbon, but well-connected throughout the mediterranean and middle east. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Am-mut

    Connected to black markets and fencing. Possible [[Apep Consortium | Apep Consortium]] ties. Has a rep as being kind of a hothead, due to her aggressive response to any transgressions against her. Observant Muslim, mutli-lingual but usually sticks to …

  • Arete

    Knows elven and Euro high society, as well as portents and omens. One of the most-skilled diviners outside of [[Wuxing Inc | Wuxing Inc]]. High-level member of the [[Seer's Guild]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Butch

    Former combat medic, no scruples, very skilled. Runs a lot of shadow tests and experiments, often sharing the results on the board. Usually based in Seattle. Has been researching a mysterious infection spreading through the world's shadows, and which has …

  • Clockwork

    Likes to make things work, sell designs after testing. Total technomancer-phile, has a longstanding feud with [[:netcat-1 | Netcat]], which has spilled off the boards into real life at times, including him selling her out to [[NeoNET | NeoNET]], though she …

  • Dr. Spin

    Familiar with [[Horizon | Horizon]], memetics, ads, marketing, trends, culture, media. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Elijah

    Dedicated to uncovering secret truths and hidden histories. Skilled summoner and geomancer. His need to uncover secrets often ruins partnerships and friendships, and gets him in serious trouble. Many runners won't work with him twice, after he puts an …

  • Ethernaut

    Ex-[[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | Mitsuhama]]. Specialized at recon and tracking, very rational. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Glitch

    Prides themselves on never being seen in person. Specializes in matrix surveillance and intrusion. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Hannibelle

    Ex-[[Tamanous | Tamanous]], secretive. Has *Asamando* connections, but likely doesn't reside there. Researching recent mana swells and the resulting changes to HMHVV-infected individuals. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Hard Exit

    Hates [[Aztechnology | Aztechnology]]. Specialized in law enforcement and low level conflict. Often runs extractions. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Icarus

    Has a huge amount of inside connections. [[NeoNET]] loyalist. Very cynical. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Jimmy No

    Expert on magical traditions, groups, and esoterica. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • /dev/grrl

    New-ish JP member, hasn't been on many non-digital runs, but has been slowly proving herself. Mentored by [[:kane | Kane]]. She's come a long way in the last few years since joining. Attended a [[NeoNET | NeoNET]] corporate school in *Boston,* …

  • Kane

    _The Most Notorious Man in the CAS!_ Wanted in 17+ countries. Mentoring [[:dev-grrl | /dev/grrl]]. Has longstanding beef with *Aztlan.* Ties to [[Free Marine Corps | Free Marine Corps]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Kia

    East Asian Johnson. Name means "Rising From Asia." Mostly deals with extractions, either hiring teams himself or passing work on to others. Many corp connections. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Mika

    Infiltration expert, name means "intelligent raccoon" in Lakota. Rivalry with [[:ma-fan | Ma'Fan]], technophile. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Ma'Fan

    Machines and devices don't like her. Name is Mandarin for "trouble." Rivalry with [[:mika | Mika]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Chainmaker

    New JP member, strongly opinionated. She is one of the most outspoken leftist board members following *Aufheben's* death. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Liberator

    The sole survivor of [[Black Star | Black Star's]] merc company's disastrous showing in *Bogota,* she has been recruiting and rebuilding as best she can while dodging bounty hunters out for her head. *Liberation Theology Catholics* have aided her in …

  • Mihoshi Oni

    Attractive, has [[Yakuza]] ties. Born in Hawaii, worked in *Tir na nOg* and *Japan*. Knows *Japanacorps* and *Russia* as well. Not the first runner to use her name. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Mr. Bonds

    Financial whiz. Helps runners grow their profits with illicit investments through the [[Brokerage X | Brokerage X]] firm. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Picador

    Former 2nd in command of the [[77th Independent Rangers]] under *Matador,* she took over the company after his death. Hates [[ARGUS | ARGUS]] and [[MET 2000 | MET 2000]], as well as the operative [[:thorn | Thorn]], for the role they may have played in …

  • Plan 9

    [[Evo Corporation | Evo]] fan, interested in space, cults, theoretical tech, crazy ideas. Addicted to 'ware updates, frequently swaps genders. One of JP's most frequent posters. Currently female. Infected with [[CFD]], but trying to merge rather than …

  • Rigger X

    Ex-[[Mitsuhama Computer Technologies | MCT]]. Skilled in electronic spycraft, and crushing the opposition. Has a rep for brutality/overkill, having internalized the *Zero Zone* policy from a young age. Was recently outed for collecting and selling …

  • Smiling Bandit

    Highly skilled and well-versed in science/tech topics. Only takes work to satisfy his curiosity, having pulled off enough epic runs to set himself up nicely. [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

  • Snopes

    Middle-aged and cynical, chases down matrix rumors and urban legends. [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

  • Sticks

    Former [[Ares Macrotechnology | Knight Errant,]] raised in an *Ares* orphanage after escaping from the *Universal Brotherhood*. Asian. Has gone up against bugs a number of times, and hates them with a passion. [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

  • Winterhawk

    Former runner, currently a thaumaturgy professor, still does odd jobs for the [[Draco Foundation | Draco Foundation]] and [[DIMR | DIMR]]. Much arcane knowledge, and pretty snobbish about it at times. Comes across as very cynical and upper-crust. Has an …

  • Street Rage

    Seattle/West Coast street gang connections. Recently working hunting down and taking out dragon reagent sellers. Possible [[CFD]] infection. Ex-[[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

  • Cayman

    Not part of a permanent team, he works for the paycheck and leads when he has too. Skilled with a wide variety of the tools of the trade, he's survived into his mod-40's by a combo of talent, planning, and luck.

  • Kellan Colt

    Skilled mage and spell designer. On the run from [[Aztechnology | Aztechnology]] after they wiped out most of her last team during the *Artifact Rush.* She is skilled at ID-ing and activating artifacts. Old friends/ex-trainee of [[:lothan-the-wise | …

  • Thorn

    Mysterious spy with lots of connections to rebel groups in the *Tirs.* Also connected to [[ARGUS | ARGUS]] and [[MET 2000 | MET 2000]]. Has worked as a gun for hire for terrorist groups. Skilled at running & establishing insurgency ops. Likes a loose leash …

  • Cerberus

    Also uses the name *Neurosis.* The *e-ghost* of a young dragon named *Eliohann* who had a datajack involuntarily implanted, the only of his kind to do so. It drove him somewhat mad, but he learned a lot from the matrix, and bought out the corp who was …

  • Balladeer

    An international killer for hire, he prides himself on a "pro" reputation, only killing when he is paid to and only killing those he is paid to kill. He has been helping [[:butch | Butch]] research a mysterious infection that is spreading throughout the …

  • Red

    Plays up the "walking stereotype" of his nature. Gained his street name from his signature red hair, as well as his blood-drinking. Very coy and mysterious about his true age, but has some retro affectations and interests (which he turns off as needed). …

  • OrkCEO

    A recent addition to [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]], he provides the "former runner who got out" perspective, having hired on with a corp fulltime (a popular pursuit for runner's long-lived enough to receive such an offer). In this case, he also owns the corp …

  • KidCode

    Aside from [[:dev-grrl | /dev/grrl]], KC is the youngest hacker on [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]], and makes up for that with cockiness.

  • Riot

    One of [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint's]] newest members, added by [[:butch | Butch]]. Street sam with a strong code of honor, holding it down old-school. Came up through *Seattle* gangs.

  • Kay St. Irregular

    Knows politics, espionage, law and corps, especially in the UCAS. Has used the [[Exchange | Exchange]] in the past. Active in Denver. Close to [[:pistons | Pistons]], and is caught up in her beef with [[:haze | Haze]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Haze

    Good at blending in, leads a team as well as fixing. Somewhat reviled on JP for his extreme willingness to use (or abuse) invasive mind control. Recovering *tempo* addict. May have tried to have [[:pistons | Pistons]] killed over their long-running feud, …

  • Slamm-O!

    Uses a cartoonish icon and has an angry streak, but is all business with Johnsons. 2nd generation runner, proudly Irish. Has a kid with [[:netcat-1 | Netcat]]. Escaped Boston before the QZ. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Pistons

    Knows data havens and cutting-edge hacking. Longstanding enmity with [[:haze | Haze]] over his use of *tempo* and his abuse of mind probe spells. Close with [[:kay-st-irregular | Kay St. Irregular]]. [[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

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