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  • Sem-par

    Sem-par’s name is short for semi-colon / parenthesis, aka the symbol ;), the emoticon for a winking face. This is the symbol that Sem-par displays most often on their holohood when they choose not to be fully blended into the background with their …

  • Barnaby "Wombat" Rudd

    Barnaby Rudd was always small, and usually sickly. While his schoolmates in the small town outside of Alice Springs would play rugby, Barnaby preferred to sit in the shade of a gum tree, reading old books, and occasionally sneezing due to his many …

  • Eddie Stevens

    A skilled and secretive forger with connections to the people who put on the Night Market. Good at getting permissions, permits, ID’s, and passes as needed for runners trying to work in NYC.

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