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  • Detective McCormick

    McCormick is a LoneStar detective, who seems to have taken a special interest in the activities of Mars City terrorist *Andoras Hamshallow*, as well as his various connections. He is also involved into the investigation into [[:54390 | Arlen Thompson's]] …

  • Jakob Schultz

    Hangs around Europort's bars and clubs, looking for new talent and jobs to send them on. He discourages ultraviolence/pink mohawk, as his presence is only tolerated since all the corps in *Europort* there need him (or someone like him) nearby.

  • Widget

    Early 20's, red and purple hair, very fit. English accent. Somewhat pedantic, she sometimes talks down to people when instructing them, and seems to usually expect others to fail. She has a slightly 'touched' air, whispering to herself (or her sprites) …

  • Hiver

    The 2nd oldest on the team, late 30's, Scandi with pale skin, blond, blue eyes. Speaks with a French accent, acts somewhat paternal towards the younger team members, though he respects their competence he feels compelled to watch out for them. Member of …

  • Emilio

    Late 20's, very confident, very obviously augmented and extremely muscular. Spanish accent. Likes to effect a rockabilly look when he's not working. Loves explosives. Member of [[The Loose Cannons | The Loose Cannons]].

  • Nerefeiz

    Early 40's, oldest on the team. German accent. Ex-[[Ares Macrotechnology | *Knight Errant.*]] Manages to stop drinking for jobs, usually- his years working vie & homicide taught him how to get others to open up, but he hides his own feelings in the bottle …

  • Yuyi

    Very slight for an ork, the teams B&E specialist. Japanese accent. Often wears a mask (a traditional _Noh_ mask when off the job and a gasmaks or rebreather when working). Something apparently scarred her face when young and she is unusually sensitive to …

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