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  • Janelle Haversly

    Having scored an exclusive scoop with [[:ultraboy | UltraBoy!]] just before his capture on *Mars,* Haversly got noticed by [[Horizon | Horizon's]] Consensus, and was able to swap to a British beat during the nanopocalype, abandoning her smaller-time gig at …

  • Mir Cossint

    Cossint is an [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries]]-employed dwarf female who manages magical corporate security for many of SK's *AGS* holdings. She contracts local mages to aid in ritual spellcasting & assist with spirit …

  • Phineas Gussuldio

    A street doc based in Romania who works throughout Central and Western Europe. Attempts to counter troll stereotypes with respectability, for which some consider him a sellout.

  • Arete

    Knows elven and Euro high society, as well as portents and omens. One of the most-skilled diviners outside of [[Wuxing Inc | Wuxing Inc]]. High-level member of the [[Seer's Guild]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Lugh Surehand

    Exiled, but still guarded by many loyal ex-*Paladins.* Rumored to maintain safehouses in *Tarislar* and elsewhere. Still has a lot of irons in the fire globally, building power bases in Europe and elsewhere. Numerous [[Assassins and Wetwork | assassins]] …

  • Johnny Spinrad

    This flamboyant playboy recently got serious about getting his corp, [[Spinrad Industries]], onto the [[Corporate Court | Corporate Court]], sensing that this might be the perfect time to achieve the AAA upgrade he's long desired. To further that goal …

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