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  • Samson

    An eco-shaman with long dreads, Samson was largely in charge of the hosptial on [[Deimos]]. She was sent to Deimos for her role in some anti-corp actions in the Seattle area after the crash of '64. She is a fan of 20th century sci-fi books. Recently …

  • Muscowequan Soler

    Soler is an environmental activist based around New Orleans, with criminal connections for when she needs to get some demolitions work done or hide out in the swamp. She has some medical training and has connections with the *Anarchist Black Cross.*

  • Rhiannon Glendower

    A major power player in British politics for the last few decades, she has a focus on urban renewal and eco-initiatives. She is primarily based in *Wales,* but has operatives throughout the British Isles. Heavily personally invested (both emotionally and …

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