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  • Lofwyr

    Rumored to use the persona of "Hans Brackhaus" when in human form, it is unclear if this is actually the dragon himself or merely one of his agents (or perhaps, on occasion, an imposter?). The richest single being in the 6th World.

  • Cerberus

    Also uses the name *Neurosis.* The *e-ghost* of a young dragon named *Eliohann* who had a datajack involuntarily implanted, the only of his kind to do so. It drove him somewhat mad, but he learned a lot from the matrix, and bought out the corp who was …

  • Hestaby

    Formerly based in NoCal, she has recently fallen (and been pushed) from power, losing her spot as a Prince in *Tir Tairngire,* having her hoard disassembled and divided amongst others, and getting driven from her home in Shasta, as well as losing her base …

  • Damon

    Lil' D, as the people of Boston have affectionately dubbed him, bares only a passing physical resemblance to *Dunkelzahn*, the real similarity is in their love for metahumanity. Damon spends almost all of his time in metahuman form (though the form he …

  • Ash

    A mysterious runner, hiding out from various corps. Seems to be a young but powerful drake in disguise. Always wear an immaculate red leather duster.

  • Pedrinho

    A young dragon who strives to keep the peace between *Metropole* and the national government in *Manaus.* He often hires runners for high-risk, high-reward jobs, and provides decent backline support where possible. He mostly operates out of a seaside …

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