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  • Puck

    A much-maligned young human male technomancer, Puck came to 'prominence' due to the part he played in the Seattle [[Renraku Computer Systems | Renraku]] *Arcology Shutdown*, and in helping to cause the 2nd matrix crash. However, many argue that he was used …

  • Perri

    Close ties to *Fastjack,* probably either an actual relation or a mentor/mentee. Runs the [[Denver Data Haven | Denver Data Haven]]. Established it as technomancer haven, being an *otaku* herself. Many technomancer "families" now reside there, and keep it …

  • Blackhawk

    An older human in his mid or late 50's, he learned to fly in the UCAS army, but was dishonorably discharged after flying supplies past the quarantine into the CZ after Bug City first kicked off. He used his savings to set up on the Seattle-Denver run, and …

  • Kay St. Irregular

    Knows politics, espionage, law and corps, especially in the UCAS. Has used the [[Exchange | Exchange]] in the past. Active in Denver. Close to [[:pistons | Pistons]], and is caught up in her beef with [[:haze | Haze]]. [[Jackpoint]] member.

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