• Frosty Jane

    The team at first thought Jane was a human, but she was later revealed to be an elf. She seems a little kinder-hearted than their usual acquantainces and employers, but also seems to have been around long enough to understand the team's talents and uses. …

  • Ehran the Scribe

    Long-lived fromer *Tir High Prince*. Has many works published on magical theory and the *Sixth World*. Appears to be [[:jane-2 | Jane's]] employer/mentor, rumored to be her illegitimate father. [[:lodestone | Lodestone]] heard a rumor/conspiracy theory …

  • Winterhawk

    Former runner, currently a thaumaturgy professor, still does odd jobs for the [[Draco Foundation | Draco Foundation]] and [[DIMR | DIMR]]. Much arcane knowledge, and pretty snobbish about it at times. Comes across as very cynical and upper-crust. Has an …

  • Tommy Talon

    [[New Assets | New Assets]] ties, due to his running days with [[:ryan-quicksilver-mercury | Ryan Quicksilver Mercury]] and the *Assets, Inc.* team. Connected to [[DIMR | DIMR]]. Skilled at long metaplanar jaunts.

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