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  • Doc Todd

    When I landed on Mars, I knew how to do two things: Rig a cab, and spot a healthy kidney. The Prometheus cab company got me set up with a cab job, and One Shot Wade got me set up with a connoisseur of the wetter side of martian civilian life, Doc Todd. …

  • Carol Hindrance

    Really gross looking and uncouth dwarf, heavily armored. Hates all parents- grew up in Chicago and can't believe anyone would bring life into this world. Specializes in hot extractions of wounded patients and combat medicine.

  • Horogront

    A CZ fixer who runs an ambo service and mechanic shop. He employs [[:carol-hindrance | Carol Hindrance]] in both sides of the business. Ex-[[Doc Wagon]], supposedly lost his medical license due to malpractice. Makes a sideline selling "extra bits" to …

  • Reinhard Murtas

    A crematorium technician in the West End *Overplex.* He also sanitizes medical equipment. More than willing to turn a blind eye to what goes into the incinerator, so long as the cops aren't hot on your trail. Likely [[Tamanous | Tamanous]] connections.

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