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  • Rook

    [[:belial-8 | Belial's]] right-hand man, he also has connections to [[Ancients | Ancients]] chapters in *Cara'SIr,* and is involved with moving product between there and *Seattle*. High Prince [[:evan-parris-1 | Evan Parris']] son. Follows *Raven,* and …

  • Alexander Horn

    *Tir Tairngire* has uniquely organized crime, and Horn is the head honcho of one of the main "_crime corps_", with all the funds and connections that that entails.

  • Enyo

    An elven former sex worker who lead the takeover of the "*Hooters*" dockside protection racket, and renamed the gang [[The Shooters | The Shooters]], as well as extensively restaffing, primarily with other sex workers. They offer protection and solid pay …

  • The Duke

    This Duke recently took the title when [[:ortega | Ortega]] refused to take the throne after killing the previous Duke of [[The Spans | The Spans]]. This one is slightly less insane, but only slightly.

  • Red Feather

    [[Dog Soldiers | Dog Soldiers]] head, brother of [[:smiles-like-the-sun | Smiles Like the Sun]], somewhat xenophobic against non-natives. Uses a mix of cyber and magic, skilled combatant.

  • Stump

    In a relationship with [[:smiles-like-the-sun | Smiles Like the Sun]], which caused some trouble with the rank and file, but they've come on board.

  • Elan Harcourt

    Runs the *Tir* end of a Seattle-Tir smuggling route, alongside [[:pia-oliversson | Pia Oliversson]]. He also occasionally hires runners and gangers to do odd jobs. Uses [[:achilles-serifim | Achilles Serifim]] as one of his main couriers. Ties to the [[ …

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