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  • Dead

    The gruff ork leader of Trogville, doesn't trust anyone, but plays the necesary alliances well. Likely dead or [[CFD]]-Infected

  • Vesperic

    A well-muscled female troll who has taken charge of security for Trogville. She has absolutely no compassion for non-meta humans, and especially hates the various meta-posers. Likely [[CFD]]-infected or dead.

  • Kelo

    A sneaky, ninja like elf, who resides in the woods outside of Trogville, watching for intruders. Aided HCB in discovering the mafia racer's secret. Snuck off of Deimos with some of the better-connected criminals there who fled during the nanopocalypse …

  • Luther

    *DC*-area [[Ancients]] ganger, sent up to [[Deimos]] for mutliple life sentences on various racketeering charges. Relegates prison business to his lieutenants, who get replaced with alarming frequency, though he seems to miss [[:keb | Keb]] more than most …

  • Thankyou

    Thank You is tall, lean but muscular. He is from a small tribe in southern Africa. When he was pretty young he was fitted with very large cyber arms, one of which has a SMG in the palm. He lately wears pretty light cammo armor that has been damaged by …

  • Riser

    Ex-Seattle street ganger, leader of [[The Smoker's Club | The Smoker's Club]], an assassin's team. Knows a lot about street gangs. Infected with a mysterious illness ([[CFD |CFD]]) on the same run as *Fastjack,* he has possibly been targeting some JP …

  • Plan 9

    [[Evo Corporation | Evo]] fan, interested in space, cults, theoretical tech, crazy ideas. Addicted to 'ware updates, frequently swaps genders. One of JP's most frequent posters. Currently female. Infected with [[CFD]], but trying to merge rather than …

  • Street Rage

    Seattle/West Coast street gang connections. Recently working hunting down and taking out dragon reagent sellers. Possible [[CFD]] infection. Ex-[[Jackpoint | Jackpoint]] member.

  • Miles Lanier

    Pronounced "Luh-neer." Industrial espionage expert. Longterm operative for [[NeoNET | NeoNET]], especially [[:richard-villiers-1 | Richard Villiers]]. He has been on the run or in hiding for much of the last few years, and based on a guest post he wrote …

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