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  • Malice

    He was captured by the UCAS while on a covert mission for the *Sioux Nation*, and sent to do some hard time on [[Deimos]]. Feeling left out to dry as a deniable asset, Malice began re-examining his priorities and beliefs, and ended up allying with the * …

  • Frederick "Jackalboy" Meyers

    Old friend of [[:serge-castiron-merkel | Serge "Castiron" Merkel]], they came up together, but he stayed in Berlin to fight the corps when CI bailed. Rebuilding [[Black Star | Black Star]] in the AGS after their crushing defeat in *Bogota.*

  • Liberator

    The sole survivor of [[Black Star | Black Star's]] merc company's disastrous showing in *Bogota,* she has been recruiting and rebuilding as best she can while dodging bounty hunters out for her head. *Liberation Theology Catholics* have aided her in …

  • Vinko Novacek

    The physical security committee head at *Midway Airport* in Chicago. Reputed ties to [[Black Star | Black Star]]. Balkan ork. Works closely with [[:gamze-seidel | Gamze Seidel]].

  • Archangel

    A Catholic combat mage with a passionate hate for [[Aztechnology | Aztechnology]]. He has extensive connections in [[Bright Star | Black Star/Bright Star]] due to his anti-AZT work in Bogota. Currently trapped in the *Boston QZ,* he has been working …

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