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  • Robert Toomey

    Toomey is a notorious and ruthless collector of awakened artefacts. He will often hire teams to steal from museums, banks, private facilities, etc. to acquire pieces for his collection. He recently had a major loss when a piece of his was stolen while …

  • Arkady

    Arkady is a human fixer/middleman who hires out merc companies and runners throughout Africa and the Middle East. He might be Russian, its hard to say. He doesnt do face-to-face, only matrix contact, and is pretty mysterious as to where he actually …

  • Horza Kazmirov

    Text Excerpted from an Aptitude Interview with Subject Shakespeare Conducted by Arkady
    indistinct talk
    So Im the child of immigrants from the Russia/China border region. I was born there, (around 2045) but my family left when I was a …

  • Nelson Rosslee

    Nelson is an elderly Azanian human male in his 50’s. He hails from the same village as Thankyou, and was able to help TY reclaim some long-lost childhood memories.

  • Serrin Shamander

    Over 50, been in and out of the shadows for decades. Married into a Xhosa family. Skilled at summoning spirits, especially watchers. Possibly uses the street name Ire, and the connections between the 2 on the street have cost Shamander …

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