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  • Nomusa Iblis

    Omar Mohammad was born in 2035 and was raised along the Black Volta river near the border of the ghoul state Asamando. He was enlisted early as a child soldier in the local militia, along with all other local youth. Under the guidance of his father and …

  • The Butcher

    The Butcher was one of those who helped [[:nomusa-iblis | Nomusa Iblis]] and his mother immigrate to Cabrini Green. After being stranded back in Africa, Nomusa contacted The Butcher again, offering his services for the past debt. They found working …

  • Hannibelle

    Ex-[[Tamanous | Tamanous]], secretive. Has *Asamando* connections, but likely doesn't reside there. Researching recent mana swells and the resulting changes to HMHVV-infected individuals. [[Jackpoint]] member.

  • Baxton Gresh

    The family doctor the *Helling's,* formerly of *London.* He and some other members of the family and staff have relocated to *Asamando* for safety, following their mass infection with as especially virulent strain of HMHVV III. He himself caught while …

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