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  • Ango Tyrell

    Ango is a male dwarf. Likes sleeveless shirts and neothrash. He works mostly as a fence and arms dealer, but also sometimes passes along jobs to the team. He was the one who figured out [[:remus | Remus']] matrix chess match codes, and passed the word on …

  • Ustarov

    Russian arms dealer in *Istanbul's* arms bazaar. Has a lot of intelligence and military ties, allowing him access to a variety of goods, quickly delivered. [[Vory V Zakone | Vory V Zakone]] ties.

  • Yaksha

    Stuck in *Boston,* runs the *Uptown Arms Market,* one of the few aboveground sections of the *Catacombs.* Heavy *Amazonian* accent, not a longterm resident but seems to care about the city, and occasionally funds hooding runs.

  • Dorothy "Momma Dot" Simms

    Runs a shop called *BBC Weapons Works* (aka "breach, bang, and clear") in the Seattle district of Renton. Her imposing stature, merc history and large collection of lethal armaments ensure that she doesn't get too much trouble from the numerous metaracists …

  • Zakhar

    Old-school [[Vory V Zakone | Vory V Zakone]] fixer and arms dealer in *Dubai.* Runs the *Red Square* club near the port. Lots of surplus gear from the nearby *Desert Wars,* as well as the many pirate crews that come through the port. Has 2 paracritter …

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