Vanessa Cliber

High-Level Renraku AI Scientist. Connection 6


Born in 2009, she was hired by Renraku to join the newly formed Artificial Intelligence Project in the 2040s, and has been with Renraku ever since. Her research came to an abrupt end in December 2059, when the AI Deus, whom she helped create, took over the Renraku SCIRE arcology. After several days of fruitless escape attempts, she was rescued by a group of unconverted Red Samurai in a maintenance stairwell. With her intelligence and her expertise on Deus, she quickly formed and led one of the first Resistance cells.

She has a long-standing rivalry with Devon Eurich, the other person responsible for the creation of the AI Morgan. Both of them worked together on the Artificial Intelligence Project, but she thought of the AI as Renraku property, while Devon Eurich thought of the AI as possessing human-like emotions and possibly a soul.

Her Matrix icon is described as a stylized Athena, the Greek goddess of Wisdom. She is described as cold and arrogant, but also a brilliant scientist.

Vanessa Cliber

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