Tonie Dick

CAS Pol Turned 'Runner/Face. Connection 4


Jackpoint Name: LilDickie69 (provisional)

Street Name: Carlos Danger

Astral Rep: 0

Carme Kofi: Conn 2 / Loy 3
Millray Prig: Conn 3 / Loy 1
Monica Jorda: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Muscowequan Soler: Conn 2 / Loy 3
Sid Gambetti: Conn 3 / Loy 1
Sarah Silverleaf: Conn 5 / Loy 1
Lothan The Wise: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Ruby: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Grendel: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Imaginary Annie Goldsmith: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Tauren: Conn 3 / Loy 1
Juro Maki: Conn 3 / Loy 2
Ea Skavgaard: Conn 4 / Loy 2
Tibor Dobos: Conn 6 / Loy 1
Rahel Juric: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Ayishah Nagi: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Jackpoint: Loy 3 / Conn 5

Antoni Sosile R6 w/ R6 licenses. Political blogger.
Carlos Danger R1, shadowrunner.
Fungai Noguerra R6 w/ R6 licenses. Socialite personality.
BJ Aichjay, R4, burned in ACHE.
Delica Touchen, R1 massage therapist.


Born into a wealthy Spanish-American political family, well educated, got involved in political activism in college and experimented with drugs and use of his innate magic abilities, pursued some formal magic training.

Entered CAS politics after graduating, followed the line from intern to low level office holder, became more involved with environmental activism against Megacorps, big break came when he was elected city councilman and began a campaign involving corp industrial cleanup, also when he began to see the financial benefits of working both sides, leaning more and more towards helping the megacorps slide by.

During this time he married Ares Macrotechnology upper management daughter Eva Sturm, sharing both in her wealth and power. After a few years skimming off the top and partying hard he hit a breaking point that involved the leaking of damaging info to a enviro-activist group, a large ransom was demanded in exchange for the info. In an effort to get the funds and to sully the activist group’s name, he organized a fake kidnapping of Eva which ended messily and caused Eva to loose both her legs from severe acid burns. Tony’s plan was exposed but he managed to muddle much of the blame through media manipulation, he was forced to flee into the underground, with his wife and her corp family on his trail.

He is currently in Chicago through activist contacts getting gear and laying low, learning how to live a new detestable lifestyle…

Returned to the CAS after barely escaping the ACHE, he’s still on the run from his ex, and is acting a “face for hire” around New Orleans and the Carib League.

Tonie Dick

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