SK-affiliated Assassin, Connection 5


Street Name: Toast

Arles Hyland: Tir na nOg National SIN, military record with Tir Republican Corps.
Jack Pine: R3 Fake SIN. Soykaf delivery guy.

Mentor: Cat

Calista: L4 / C2
Smedley Pembrenton III: L3 / C4
Lucky Liam: L1 / C4
Viktor Markwart: L1 / C3
Allison Sanborn: L2 / C4
Musa Matevosian: L1 / C2
Nathan Proudfoot: L1 / C2
DJ McCarthy: L2 / C3
Sarah McCarthy: L1 / C3
Jane: L2 / C1
Shane O’Connor: L1 / C4
Ron Deveaux: L1 / C3
Erika Knowles: L1 / C5
Scarlett: L2 / C3
Barzhin: L2 / C3
Aiden Wagner: L2 / C2


Some missions never end.

Sure, the parameters might shift some. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember the exact scope of the mission. But you keep on fighting.

I was a desk jockey back in Tir na nOg. If the commander of your division needed more rations or supplies, I handled the req. Me or someone like me. It was a good gig.

I was a few years away from a return to civ life when O’Connor disappeared. I volunteered to help find him. He was a great leader. They deployed me to Boston to investigate. Far-fetched, maybe, that the Red Branch would be behind it, but I guess the brass at the TRC didn’t want to leave stones unturned. Either that or they didn’t have any use for an aging requisitions officer in the field. Either way, Boston became my combat zone.

I remembered my basic training, but the sprawl required more. The local Ancients helped train me to be more stealthy, more effective in the alleys and rooftops of the plex. I got good. And as long as the TRC jing kept coming in, Branchers kept being taken out.

I haven’t seen a credstick from the TRC in a while now. I still take out a Knight here and there, when someone needs it done. Otherwise, it’s whatever pays. An old soldier’s gotta eat.

Regardless of the gig, though, the mission always comes first: investigate O’Connor’s disappearance. Any leads that come up, I’ll follow them to the end.

Toast: male elf, standard size. Caucasian, blond haired, green eyes. Keeps hair long and messy under his jacket’s hood. Covers eyes with a heavily-customized ballistics mask. Blond facial hair worn as a long pointed goatee. MIlitary upbringing. Strong Tir-nationalist bent.


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