A high priest of Hathor's temple in Heliopolis


Commander of the temple guards at the Heliopolis Hathor temple. He also trains the guards of many associated temples. He oversaw the training and magical awakening of Ramose-Hotep after noticing his potential as a guard, and his devotion to the ideals of Hathor. He has since had R-H working for the temple of Thoth as well. Male ork, bald, with khol-rimmed eyes and light brown skin. He carries an Ibis-headed staff with him at all times. Late-60’s, but still fit.

Killed by the team after he gave them false information about a job he hired them to do. He was in a power struggle with the Thoth temple’s leader, who he had previously been allied with, but who had been gaining too much power for his liking. Turned out to be a powerful magician, though it didn’t save him in the end, when he was defeated by K in astral combat.


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