Thomas Roxborough

Masterful Decker; Brain-in-a-Jar. Connection 10


Thomas Roxborough is the controlling shareholder of Universal Omnitech, and formerly also a major investor in Aztechnology.

He was originally a corporate raider living off of inherited money and engaging in hostile takeovers of companies, selling their assets for profit. In 2049, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that gave him less than a year to live. Universal Omnitech (of which he owns about 5 percent) offered him the only treatment that could possibly save his life, an experimental germline genetic therapy.

He is still alive to this day, but not in the form he once was, as the therapy caused his tissues to redifferentiate. His body turned into a pile of unconnected flesh, leaving only a massively tumorous and mutated brain- hence not transplantable brain into body or cyborg.. Living in a vat of nutrient materials, his only contact with the outside world is through the Matrix. What remains of his body is said to be in a secret UniOmni clinic in Central America, or possibly somewhere in near orbit, where the microgravity helps limit his gooey expansion.

It is rumored that he is obsessed with obtaining a new body for his consciousness and is willing to try anything from cybermancy to nanotechnology to achieve this goal. He disappeared for a time during 2057, but returned after a long hiatus. Because he spends his entire life on the Matrix, he is rumored to be an incredible decker. His icon is usually some sort of retro sci-fi “brain in a jar.”

Founder of the Gilgamesh Initiative, as well as the Augmented Soldier Program, according to info the team recovered from Deus’ datastores in the ACHE and from the Chicago GI lab. He seems to be fixated on biodrones and full-body cyborgs, and seems to still have access to resources from both of the corps he is heavily invested in, though he no longer sits on either board. He acquired much of AG Chemie‘s Atlas program, and much of it’s equipment, after the leak of that project data by the German Anarchist Shockwellenreiter data liberation project. This provided him with the initial concept behind the GI/ASP programs.

He has occasionally posted on shadow forums as “Roxy,” often looking for info on his ex-wife, Dr. Kristine Martin, who is on the run after escaping from UniOmni. She also occasionally posts on Jackpoint and elsewhere as KAM.

Has an ongoing beef with Shiawase Corporation, due to a decades-old patent infringement.

Thomas Roxborough

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