The Soak

Omega Dawn Capt. in Chicago. Connection 4


The Soak is one of the Chicago leaders of the Omega Dawn. He managed to disappear himself during Crash 2.0, after being injured by runners while working for an HTR team. He used the corp settlement from that incident to set himself up with a trainer and butler, and work on his superhero-training regimen.

After spending 10 years off the grid, he re-emerged as a high-ranked member of OD. The team found a creepy pro-corp, fascistic, rambling memoir of sorts that he wrote, justifying his actions and those of the OD as extreme, but necessary, to keep the citizens of the world properly in line.

They dug up some history on him, and found that pre-Crash, he was known as a marksman and muay thai enthusiast.

The Soak

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