The Captain

E-ghost philosopher. Connection 7


A mysterious and well-informed e-ghost, who heads a tribe living deep in the recesses of the matrix. The team has not encountered them since the switchover to the new protocols, but he still answers their calls, occasionally, in his cryptic way. He views himself (and other e-ghosts) as a new, and possibly better, lifeform than metahumanity. His tribe have stopped representing themselves with “human-like” persona icons altogether, and taken on an increasingly esoteric style.

Very anti- CFD, in that his tribe views the human form as an unnecessary/grotesque limitation on their digital forms. However, he understands why some of the various captured/tortured/enslaved entities chose CFD as a means to escape their prisons and empathizes.

The same Captain that inspires/leads the Whampoa techno-haven. Also possibly the e-ghost of Captain Chaos, the legendary creator of the Shadowland VPN. Captain Chaos was given a program called Jack’b’Nimble in Dunkelzahn’s Will, which may have saved his life (in e-ghost form at least) when he flatlined during the 2nd Matrix Crash.

The Captain

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