Thankyou aka Eckhard Roberts

Guns guns guns


Jackpoint ID:
Flipped Whip

Flipped Whip

Sonora: Conn 3 / Loy 3
Jane: Conn 5 / Loy 4
Ricky Steelsky: Conn 3 / Loy 1
SEATac Sweetie: Conn 3 / Loy 2
SYD: Conn 2 / Loy 3
The Captain: Conn 4 / Loy 1
Tobias Cheney: Conn 5 / Loy 1
Giada: Conn 3 / Loy 2
Gurzag: Conn 2 / Loy 1
Belial: Conn 3 / Loy 1
Rook: Conn 3 / Loy 1
Evan Parris: Conn 10 / Loy 2
Ehran the Scribe: Conn 12 / Loy 1

Contacts who think ThankYou is dead:
Journeyman Urb
Captain Miia
Luca Barone
Alex Foxfire
Nelson Rosslee
The Loose Cannons
Hardy Wagner
Erika Gwyn
Sergei Vipin

-Fob Crates, a driver. Rating 6. Wanted by KE. SIN abandoned.
-Jordan Barnes, a security consultant. Rating 3. Known by Gilgamesh Initiative. Burned in fake death.
-John Burner, a criminal. Rating 1. Known by Gilgamesh Initiative. Burned in fake death.
-Ramstander Mousepan, private security. Rating 6, with Rating 6 licenses for wired reflexes, reaction enhancers, and cybergun. Known by Gilgamesh Initiative. Wanted by Interpol for Faustus Society theft. Burned in fake death as primary ID.
-Philadelphia Parakeet, a citizen. Rating 1. Burned in fake death.
-Terraform Coupon, Private Security, R6 with licenses.
-Peppermint Sugarspark, R1 Tech Support, housecleaning. Used in Patrick Henry Hughes “rescue,” presumably wanted by Ares.
-Eckhard Roberts, R6, Private Security, with licenses. Wanted in UCAS for Istanbul job.


Thank You is tall, lean but muscular. He is from a small tribe in southern Africa. When he was pretty young he was fitted with very large cyber arms, one of which has a SMG in the palm. He lately wears pretty light cammo armor that has been damaged by an acid spray. All his gear is modified to either expose his gigantic arms (which are very heavily armored) or modified to cover them. He has very scruffy facial hair and a shaved head and a pretty boney face. He is also completely out of his mind, and has a fair amount of trouble keeping track of who he is and what he is supposed to be doing, and has a hard time empathizing with “humans” and “pain”

He is able to interface with vehicles and drones with his mind, and has several small flying drones as well as a rolling eyeball.

His tribe was wiped out when he was young, and he was mortally wounded in the attack. He awoke in a hospital, having been rescued and rebuilt by a mysterious benefactor. This person or group has occasionally guided his actions since, while he traverses Africa pretending to be a Xhosa tribesmen, and longing for revenge….

He recently was hired to travel to Mars City carrying a sensitive package that his team had gone to great lengths to retrieve from a military base near Cape Town. He has been getting steady work both running and driving for the Problem Children, and making far more money that he ever did on Earth. While on a mission that took him through an astral rift onto the insect plane, his superstitions convinced him to abandon his long-running charade and openly embrace his original tribal identity.

Recently discovered that he was/is an experimental test subject of the Gilgamesh Initiative, causing him to question many of his longterm beliefs about himself, his past, and his purpose, as well as to become aware of his dangerous level of cyberpsychosis.

After meeting Nelson Rosslee, he found out a lot more about his past, and his family growing up, memories he had assumed lost forever. With the help of Jane, and other Jackpoint members, he is assembling a software suite to help him emulate and eventually re-learn (potentially) some level of human empathy. He has developed a serious reliance on Jane as an ethical/practical sounding board, and trusts her completely. He has also been building a relationship with the AI SYD, allowing her to copy his empathy software, and warning her of some anti-AI threats, as well as calling on her for help with matrix research.

ThankYou decided to fake his own death to escape from The Order of St George, and also hopefully the Gilgamesh Initiative, and used the chaos during the assault on Alamais’ GeMiTo compound to do so. He warned a few of his most trusted contacts that he was going to be getting back in touch with a new name, but for the most part has burned the bridges to his previous life and ID, including letting Rosslee think him dead, fearing that Lodestone or the Gilgamesh Initiative might get info from him (if he wasn’t already working for them). Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you…

Changed his name to “Eckard Roberts” after faking his death.

Thankyou aka Eckhard Roberts

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