TNN's Deadliest Killer, Gone Rogue! Connection 5


Described by many as having “near superhuman skills”, and unlikely to slack much with age given his Elven nature (as well as his SOTA ‘ware), he may be the world’s single deadliest killer.

Until recently, TNN was paying his bills and pointing him towards targets, while officially denying any part in his crimes. For some reason, he seems to have turned and be intent on burning the place down, having killed multiple members of the Seelie Court.

He is thought to be the fastest metahuman alive, due to training and experimental delta-grade ’ware.

His name translates from the Gaelic as “Messenger.”

Killed Liam O’Connor, the most popular founder of TNN, on behest of “The Immortals” (including O’Connor’s wife Lady Brane Deigh), who framed O’Connor as a traitor in order to take power for themselves. His discovery of their treachery prompted his recent turn.


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