Senk Gethin

Vindictive Demolitionist


Street Name:

Senk Gethin: Real UCAS SIN. Licenses for cyber and demo.
Lain Frae: R4 Fake SIN. Licenses for cyber and demo.
Terrell Fargoda: R1 Fake SIN.

Ango Tyrell: L3 / C4
Smedley Pembrenton III: L4 / C4
Calista: L2 / C2
Lucky Liam: L1 / C4
Viktor Markwart: L1 / C3
Allison Sanborn: L2 / C4
Musa Matevosian: L1 / C2
Nathan Proudfoot: L1 / C2
DJ McCarthy: L2 / C3
Sarah McCarthy: L1 / C3
Jane: L2 / C1
Shane O’Connor: L1 / C4
Ron Deveaux: L1 / C3
Erika Knowles: L1 / C5
Scarlett: L2 / C3
Barzhin: L2 / C3
Aiden Wagner: L2 / C2

Jenna Ni’Fairra

-to have an aura of “don’t fuck with me,” seen as legitimate, capable, or just unseen
-helping the downtrodden and punishing the rich/cruel
-to avenge parents death (and to first find out who killed them)


Won’t kill the downtrodden, and tends to be fond of the orphaned and homeless. Androgynous in appearance, and uses gender-neutral pronouns.

Senk was born in 2054 and comes from Tir Tairngire. Elven lineage, parents moved from Duchy of Pomoria in 2046 where they were relatively wealthy. They were unhappy with the treatment of non-elves, and moved in hopes of finding a more diverse and friendly place to raise their kids. Senk grew up, for the first 8 years of their life in relative peace and happiness. They were well off and in some ways sheltered from the truth and pain of the outside world.
Their parents were killed during the coup in 2063 and Senk and their sister, who is five years older than Senk) escaped and went to Boston, trying to get far from the chaos that was happening in Tir Tairngire and trying fruitlessly to escape the pain of their parents deaths. They took very little with them, and had none of the wealth that they were accustomed to in Tir Tairngire. Senk’s sister tried to make surviving a game to help Senk make it through, especially as it was a huge shock to go from living without want to completely living without. She did her best to steal and teach Senk what she knew, and later she went to work for a wealthy man. Senk was unclear what she did for him at the time, but it seemed to Senk, later on, that she was likely involved in prostitution. They felt guilty for this, sure that she was doing it only to help give Senk a better life. But soon this rich man seemed to realize that he could get away without paying. Three times in a row Senk’s sister came home without payment, and with a tear-stained face. When Senk finally confronted him, telling him that she needed the payment, he laughed and tossed her to the ground, calling her a dandelion eater. They had learned quite a bit about thievery, and decided to try to get back what was owed to them. This didn’t go well and the police were called. Senk’s sister ended up being killed during this exchange and Senk ran to safety after it was clear she was dead. Though it was clear, Senk always felt guilty for leaving. Senk was born with the name Gethin, Senk was the name given to their sister. They took it for their own when their sister died.
Later on, a nun came by and told them they could have free hot food and a warm bed and wouldn’t have to steal. They were used to stealing and didn’t particularly want to give it up, but free bed and food sounded good (and they were tired of being lonely without their sister) so they obliged. Was in a Catholic orphanage for a while, where the nuns and priests were mean, so isn’t super fond of religion, but this is where the fondness for orphaned kids stems from. Started off with chemistry to make poisons as a way to get back at a particularly cruel priest. Later used those skills to infiltrate high society and kill and rob them. They worked with some people who knew about explosives and finally learned enough, got their hands on some explosives, and blew up the jail as well as the city guard who killed their friend (they felt poison wasn’t enough to express their rage at the death of their sister).

Fun-loving elf. Fun being defined by sneaking, conning, and stealing. Likes the feeling of being one-up on others. Sly grin. Mischievous. If others aren’t following what Senk wants, it would not be out of character for them to sneak off and go make some fun on their own. At the same time, all the fun and the mischievous air about them vanishes immediately when someone crosses them or what they are trying for isn’t working out. They don’t like being fucked with. May sneak in to lay a bomb or explode a thing or use poison. Temperamental, so this may happen when it isn’t a very big deal. Very fond of the downtrodden, especially orphaned kids, but tries to hide their affinity while at the same time being kind and trying to help them.

Senk Gethin

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