Confused Corp Experiment. Connection 2


A woman in her mid-20’s. Kidnapped as a youth in Chicago, and extensively experimented on in the 2 decades since. She managed to free herself from the testing facility after killing the scientists and guards there, and is now in a safehouse provided by Nick Ryder.

The 12 clones made of her that were also discovered in the lab have since vanished, it is unclear who has them, though likely suspects include Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, after Simon Andrews was given the facility’s location, or Shiawase, who may have been the original experimenters. It is unclear if they share her technomancer/combat/other abilities.

Sam and Ro Tain have bonded strongly and promised to have each other’s backs. She is holed up in a secure safe house that she has tricked out with armaments, defenses, and escape options.


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