aka Devon Eurich. Connection 3


A brilliant Renraku researcher, he worked with Vanessa Cliber on semi-autonomous knowbots, and the pair succeeded in 2049 in the SCIRE host, creating the AI Morgan.

When Morgan escaped with the help of her lover, the decker Dodger, Devon helped Renraku track her down. However, this encounter with Morgan pushed Devon, who was already disillusioned with Renraku corporate life, to secretly help Morgan evade her Renraku pursuers. With the help of Dodger, he left Renraku and slipped into the shadows, and erased much of his research in the process.

He spent the next few years decking under the name Redline. His icon was that of a simple jet-black humanoid in a white suit. In 2058, Morgan was captured by Renraku, dismantled, and used by Cliber to create Deus. Dodger and Redline later managed to free what was left of her. This rescue attempt was also the first encounter Redline and Dodger had with Deus.

When the Renraku Arcology shut down, Devon gathered some shadowrunner friends and infiltrated the arcology, joining the Resistance. It is unknown if he survived.


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