Much-maligned Technomancer. Connection 6


A much-maligned young human male technomancer, Puck came to ‘prominence’ due to the part he played in the Seattle Renraku Arcology Shutdown, and in helping to cause the 2nd matrix crash. However, many argue that he was used by the powerful AI Deus, and manipulated into performing his roles. His loyalties are still not entirely clear, but he has gained some amount of acceptance in the shadow community, especially amongst fellow techno’s, especially after Fastjack admitted him to his Jackpoint VPN.

In ’Jack’s absence, Netcat has often wound up vouching for Puck (as well as hiring runners to rescue him from an MCT Zero Zone).

Pax (and all dissonant technomancers). She came up with Puck under Deus’ tutelage, but they have gone in vastly different directions.

Jackpoint member.


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