Mayor Meghan Rylan

Boston's Mayor. Connection 7


Boston’s current Mayor, who ascended to the office after the last Mayor’s suspicious late-term death, and defeated her opponent in the proceeding election after he flamed out in a well-timed scandal. Despite all these hints of intrigue, she has proven extremely popular with Boston’s populace, partly due to her on-again, off-again dalliances with Boston’s favorite dragon, Damon.

She has proven repeatedly that she’s perfectly capable of handling things herself, however, even going so far as to contract out (via some blackboards) for her own protection against a recent assassination attempt, rather than just calling for help form her draconic beau. She is currently attempting to establish a power base in the Catacombs, and has recently embraced an “infected-rights” plank to further that goal, via a backroom alliance with Cardinal Reginald Grimes.

Mayor Meghan Rylan

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