Marretta Barretta

SURGEd Demolitions Expert. Connection 3


An excessively bizarre-looking woman, due to her SURGE mutations. She has elongated limbs with webbed digits, a frog tongue, corrosive spit, defensive secretions, gills, greasy skin, a marsupial pouch, scent glands, scales, a vestigial tail, and unusual hair. Overall, she tries to stay inside and keep covered so as not to be mistaken for a bug. Critters tend to fear her (possibly for good reason!).


She is a professional bus driver, the job she had before the CZ walls went up, and before her disastrous SURGE. She kept ferrying people around the CZ in an armored bus where she could, and made contacts with the SURGE community of Freaktown. Already being a skilled mechanic and tinkerer from the years of post-apocalyptic bus driving, she took up weapons maintenance and explosives manufacturing post-SURGE, to give her a skill set that allowed her to stay off the streets a bit more.

Although she is a skilled driver, she is a such a stickler for the rules of the road (perhaps her trying to hold on to some aspect of civilization in the wasteland of the CZ?) that she would never make a good getaway driver. She has been known to violently attack people she sees as “bad” drivers.

She recently started up an explosives-manufacturing co-op called The Atomizer with some ex-runners and gangers who came down from Mars after everything went to shit there. She’s taken a shine to the young human Walter Turnip, sensing that life has maybe treated him rough, too- his patchy lavender skin and obviously absent implants speak to a past much different from his present circumstances.

Marretta Barretta

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