Madame Iboju

Changeling Madam/Fixer. Connection 4


A minimally-SURGEd changeling who runs a brothel and bar called the Seven Fingered Hand, (after her own polydactyl right hand) in the changeling district of Ilasa Maja in Lagos. The changelings of the city gathered there for safety against persecution by various parties for various reasons, and quickly become known for their skills at crafting and harvesting reagents for the nearby Amulet Market.

The brothel is a perfect place for Iboju to make useful new friends, and discover interesting info, which she uses to protect her people as best she can. Although she can be fairly mercenary when needed, she does actually care for the changelings in her care, and treats her employees quite well. She has Tamanous on speed dial if any clients get out of hand…

They mostly cooperate with the Laiya gang, as of late.

Madame Iboju

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