Lihua Wan

Chinese Triad Politician. Connection 5


A relatively recent addition to the Mars City Council, Wan came to power amid a minor scandal over possible Triad funding of her election campaign. She has espoused a tough on crime stance, made more poignant by her son’s recent kidnapping and subsequent rescue. Little is known about her politics overall, or her background, other than that she comes from an upper class family in Hong Kong, with some industry ties.

She married young and came to Mars City with her husband (who works at a Wuxing subsidiary), and ran on a family values/get tough on crime ticket, positioning herself as a down to earth (ha) alternative to her incumbet opponent. She was polling well ahead, although last minute talk of scandal caused the race to finish in a dead heat. As a junior member on a public safety and welfare committee, she has been advocating increased funding for LoneStar’s undercity cleanup effort (the carrot) while threatening to give their contracts to Knight Errant if they can’t meet her suggested quotas (the stick). She followed through on this after LS suffered a series of embarrassing setbacks.

Got back down to HK during the nanopocalypse, due to family ties, and is working her way into politics there, eyeing a seat on the Executive Council.

Lihua Wan

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